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SPIS TREŚCI [107 kB] - 2005 (52)

Author(s) Title Pages
Oracka Teresa, Bogusław Łapiński The influence of additions of rye chromosomes on plant dry mat ter and root size in bread wheat. 3-14
Oracka Teresa, Bogusław Łapiński The influence of d(r) substitutions on plant dry matter and root size in hexaploid triticale. 15-27
Czembor Elżbieta Effect of propiconazole (Tilt 250 EC) and Drechslera poae on germination capacity of Kentucky blue grass. 29-34
Czembor Elżbieta Effect of stem rust and chem i cal control on perennial ryegrass seed production. 35-46
Wasilewicz-Flis Iwona, Henryka Jakuczun Induction and application of dihaploids of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). 47-64
Nowosielska Dorota, Wiesław Podyma Collecting missions in Poland in 1999 (Short Communic tion). 65-68
Nowakowska Hanna Antagonistic activity of some fungi and Actinomycetes against pathogens of damping-off of sugar beet seed lings. 69-78
Chrząstek Maria Identification of glutenin and secalin subunits in addition and substitution lines of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) using biochemical markers. 79-86
Gruszecka Daniela, Alicja Ceglińska In fluence of parental components on technological quality of hybrids of X Triticosecale Wittmack with Agrotriticum sp. 87