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Krzysztof Górnik Sensitivity of ‘Monika’ Cucumis sativus seedlings to low temperature and induction of chilling tolerance 3-11
Anatoliy A. Khapugin Seed mass and aeed yield of six roses (Rosa L., Rosacear Adans.) from c entral russia (Republic of Mordovia) 13-22
Sławomir Wróbel, Jacek Kęsy, Krzysztof Treder Effect of ethanol and plant growth regulators on termination of potato microtuber dormancy 23-36
K.A. Adoboye, O.W. Adabele, J.A. Adetumbi, M.A. Ayo-Vaughan, I.O. Daniel SSR analysis of genetic changes during artificial ageing of rice seeds stored under gene bank management 37-45
Valiollah Rameeh Combining ability of phenological traits and seed yield in spring rapeseed genotypes 47-56
Ali Sepehri, Hossein Reza Rouhui, Leila Sefidkhani Evaluation of several methods for breakind dormancy of bitter vetch seeds (Vicia Ervilia L.) 57-66
Sahar Khakpour, Alireza Motallebi-Azar, Bahman Hosseini, Saeede Alizadeh-Salte, Abbas Hasani Optimization of micropropagation by different concentration of vitamins and sucrose in St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) 67-79
Hoda Moradkhani, Ali Ashraf Mehrabi, Alireza Etminan, Alireza Pour-Aboughadareh Molecular diversity and phylogeny of Triticum-aegilops species possessing D genome revealed by SSR and ISSR markers 81-95
Hamid-Reza Fallahi, Golsoom Fadaeian, Marziyeh Gholami, Omolbanin Daneshkhah, Fatemeh Sadat Hosseini, Mahsa Aghhavani-Shajari, Alireza Smadzadeh Germination response of grasspea (Lathyrus Sativus L/) and arugula (Eruca Sativa L.) to osmotic and salinity stresses 97-108
Kee Hwa Bae, Kyoung Hee Oh, Soo-Young Kim In vitro seed germination and seedling growth of Calanthe discolot Lindl. 109-119
Hatice Cokkizgin, Yüksel Bölek Priming treatments for improvement of germination and emergence of cotton seeds at low temperature 121-134