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K. Vishwanath, H.M. Pallavi, N. Nethra, S. Rajendra Prasad Chemical tests for identification and characterization of tomato cultivars 3-13
Tayebeh Ghorbani, Kianoosh Cheghamirza, Kosar Bardideh, Parastoo Basiri Shoar Recognition and determination of related traits importance with seed yield in chickpea (Cicer aietinum) 15-24
Muhammad Nadeem, Masum Akond, Atif Riaz, Muhammad Qasim, Adnan Younis, Amjad Farooq Pollen morphology and viability relates to seed productionin hybrid roses 25-38
Parvin Salehi Shanjani, Masoumeh Izadpanah, MohamadReza Mohamadpour Effects of water stress on germination of yarrow populations (Achilleaspp.) from different bioclimatic zones in Iran 39-54
Valentin Kosev, I. Pachev, Aleksandar Mikić Assessing the breeding value of nine spring field pea (Pisum sativumL.) cultivars 55-64
Soleiman Mohammadi, Reza Kas Nazani, Ayda Hosseinzadeh Mahootchi, Keiwan Ftohi Variation of water-soluble carbohydrates and grain yield in Iranian cold barley promising lines under well-watered and water stress conditions 65-75
Omid Sofalian, Somayyeh Azimy, Sodabeh Jahanbakhsh,Saeid Khomari, Sara Dezhsetan Evaluating genetic diversity of chilling stress in cotton genotypes 77-87
M. Pahlevani, H. Bagmohamadi, M. Ghaderi, S.E. Razavi Genotype and NaCl salinity influence Pythium ultimum damping-off in safflower 89-105
R. Prasad, K. K. Mukherjee, G. Gangopadhyay Image-analysis based on seed phenomics in sesame 119-136
List of Reviewers List of Reviewers 137