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INDEX [28,93 kB] - 2011 (64)

Author(s) Title Pages
J. Czaban, B. Wróblewska, A. Sułek, G. Podolska Colonization of wheat grain by Fusaria in two crop management systems varying in intensity of production technology. 3-14
T. Gagkaeva, O. Gavrilova, T. Yli-Mattila, I. Loskutov Evaluation of oat germplasm for resistance to Fusarium Head Blight. 15-22
Leszek Lenc Pathogenicity and potential capacity for producing mycotoxins by Fusarium sambucinum and Fusarium solani isolates derived from potato tubers. 23-34
E. Nagy, V. Haş, I. Haş, A. Suciu, V. Florian The influence of Fusarium ear infection on the maize yield and mycotoxin content (Transylvania-Romania). 35-44
Mehdi Nasr Esfahani Comparative pathogenesity of Fusarium species on some of the potato cultivars. 45-54
Nelson Opoku, Matthew Back, Simon G. Edwards Aggressiveness of Fusarium langsethiae isolates towards wheat, barley and oats in an in vitro leaf assay. 55-64
H. Pettersson Toxicity and risks with T-2 and HT-2 toxins in cereals. 65-74
A. Prodi, D. Salomoni, E. Bertacchini, D. Alkadri, A. Pisi, S. Tonti, I. Alberti, M. Dal Prà, D. Pancaldi, L. Covarelli, P. Nipoti Determination of deoxynivalenol and nivalenol producing chemotypes of Fusarium graminearum isolated from durum wheat in different Italian regions. 75-80
Christof Rampitsch, Winnie Leung, Barbara Blackwell, Rajagopal Subramaniam Map kinase MGV1: a potential shared control point of butenolide and deoxynivalenol biosynthesis. 81-88
N. Schlang, E. Duveiller Current approaches and utilization of new screening techniques for evaluation of FHB resistance at CIMMYT. 89-104
Wolfgang Schweiger, Barbara Steiner, Apinun Limmongkon, Kurt Brunner, Marc Lemmens, Franz Berthiller, Hermann Bürstmayr, Gerhard Adam Cloning and heterologous expression of candidate  DON-inactivating UDP-glucosyltranferases from rice and wheat in yeast. 104-112
Gordon S. Shephard Fusarium mycotoxins and human health. Review. 113-122
Skaidre Suproniene, Audrone Mankeviciene, Irena Gaurilcikiene The effects of fungicides on Fusarium spp. and their associated mycotoxins in naturally infected winter wheat grain. 123-130
T. Yli-Mattila, S. Rämö, R. Tanner, H. Loiveke, V.Hietaniemi Fusarium DNA levels as compared to mycotoxin levels in Finnish and Estonian grain samples. 131-140
Slobodan Tomasović, Branko Palaveršić, Ivica Ikić, Rade Mlinar, Hrvoje Šarčević, Katarina Jukić, Tomislav Ivanušić Latest results in breeding winter wheat for resistance to Fusarium Head Blight in the Zagreb BC Institute. 141-146
G.Usele, L.Legzdina, I.Beinarovica  Screening results of diverse spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) varieties and breeding lines for resistance to Fusarium Head Blight. 147-152
I. Alberti, Dal M. Prà, S. Tonti, M. Montanari, A. Prodi, D. Pancaldi Biomolecular characterization of Fusarium poae strains isolated from durum wheat in central Italy. 153-161