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INDEX [399,42 kB] - 2010 (61)

Author(s) Title Pages
Zbigniew Sobisz The distribution of Chrysanthemum segetum L. (Asteraceae) in Poland. 3-14
Mihály Zalai, Zita Dorner Weed flora of cereals in different farming systems. 15-24
Stefan Meyer, Karsten Wesche, Christoph Leuschner, Thomas van Elsen, Jürgen Metzner A new conservation strategy for arable plant vegetation in Germany – the project 25-34
Krzysztof Heller „Flax specialists” – weed species extinct in Poland ?. 35-40
Mirosław Angielczyk, Katarzyna Bączek, Anna Geszprych, Jarosław L. Przybył , Zenon Węglarz Chemical diversity of silverweed (Potentilla anserina L.) growing at the edges of arable fields. 41-46
M. Szanser, E. Górska, M. Kisiel, A. Kusińska, S. Russel, D. Sieminiak, D. Wojewoda Meadow plant litter species diversity – impact on organic matter accumulation. 47-54
Anna Bomanowska Threat to arable weeds in Poland in the light of national and regional red lists. 55-74
Beata Węgrzynek, Teresa Nowak Rare and endangered segetal weed species in the Silesian Upland (s Poland) recorded in the last twenty years. 75-84
Beata_Węgrzynek Differentiation of arable field weed communities in the northern part of the Silesian Upland (S Poland). 85-92
Teresa Skrajna, Janina Skrzyczyńska, Maria Ługowska The segetal flora of the Mazowiecki Landscape Park. 93-104
Teresa Skrajna Medicinal plants in segetal communities*of the Kałuszyńska Upland. 105-114
Maria Ługowska, Janina Skrzyczyńska, Teresa Skrajna Therapeutic plants found in agrocenoses of the middle Vistula River Valley mesoregion. 115-123