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INDEX [26,3 kB] - 2011 (63)

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K. Audenaert, E. Callewaert, M. Höfte, S. De Saeger, G. Haesaert Hydrogen peroxide induced by the fungicide prothioconazole triggers deoxynivalenol (DON) production by Fusarium graminearum. 3-22
Gy. Turóczi, K. Posta, L. Badenszky, R. Bán Fusarium wilt of water melon caused by Fusarium solani in Hungary. 23-28
A. Baturo-Cieśniewska, A. Lukanowski, M. Kolenda Effect of fungicide application on Wheat Head Blight, occurrence of Fusarium spp. and mycotoxin production. 29-38
A. Comeau, F. Langevin, V.R. Caetano, S. Haber, M.E. Savard, H. Voldeng, G. Fedak, Y. Dion, S. Rioux, J. Gilbert, R.A. Martin, F. Eudes, P.L. Scheeren A different path to the summit of Fusarium Head Blight resistance in wheat: developing germplasm with a systemic approach. 39-48
Simon G. Edwards, Eric Anderson Impact of agronomy on HT-2 and T-2 toxin content of oats. 49-58
Elisabeth Oldenburg, Frank Ellner Infection process and mycotoxin production in Fusarium culmorum-infected maize ears. 59-66
Emmanuelle Gourdain, Prune Rosengarten Effects of infection time by Fusarium graminearum on ear blight, deoxynivalenol and zearalenone production in wheat. 67-76
M. Ittu., L. Cana, M. Ciuca, C. Voaides, P. Cornea Phenotypic and marker assisted evaluation for pathogenicity and aggressiveness of Romanian Fusarium isolates vs. wheat. 77-86
Mariana Ittu, Ion Ciocazanu Components of aggressiveness in Gibberella fujikuroi populations from South Romania. 87-92
John F. Leslie, Brett A. Summerell In search of new Fusarium species. 93-102
V. Krnjaja, J. Lević, S. Stanković, Z. Bijelić Occurrence of Fusarium species in maize grains for silage. 103-108
Au. Mankeviciene, S. Suproniene, I. Brazauskiene, E. Gruzdeviene Natural occurrence of Fusarium mycotoxins in oil crop seed. 109-116
S. Martyniuk, J. Oroń, M. Kozieł Fungi, including Fusarium spp., on ears of conventionally and ecologically grown winter wheat. 117-128
T. Miedaner, C. von der Ohe, V. Korzun, E. Ebmeyer  Introgression breeding – Effects and side effects of marker-based introduction of two non-adapted QTL for Fusarium head blight resis tance into elite wheat – Mini Review. 129-136