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SPIS TREŚCI [52,69 kB] - 2008 (58)

Author(s) Title Pages
Izabela Pawlowicz, Marcin Rapacz, Jan Bocianowski Identification of AFLP markers linked with low-temperature resistance in introgressions transferred from Festuca arundinacea to Lolium multiflorum. 3-10
Dorota Nowosielska, Jarosław Nowosielski Morphological diversity and dna polymorphism of common oat (Avena sativa L.) landraces cultivated in Poland. 11-22
Grzegorz Żurek, Sławomir Prończuk Relationship between seed yield and turf quality in Poa pratensis L. 23-30
Helena Furgał - Węgrzycka Historical and contemporary genotypic population structure of pea Ascochyta blight pathogens Ascochyta pinodes and Phoma pinodella. 31-59
Hamid Dehghani Estimating yield stability by nonparametric stability analysis in maize (Zea mays L.). 61-77