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spis44(1)2000 [28,71 kB] - spis treści 44(1) 2000

Author(s) Title Pages
Ciepły Jan, Oracka Teresa Dry matter accumulation nitrogen and phosphorus uptake in winter triticale genotypes differing in mineral elements utilization efficiency 3-13
Oracka Teresa, Ciepły Jan, Kozdój Janusz Genetic variability in N, P, K utilization efficiency in spring wheat at different concentration of nutrient solutions. 15-25
Rafalski Andrzej, Wiśniewska Iwona, Sikora Teresa, Łapiński Bogusław Molecular probes for detection of wheat chromosomal fragments in rye. 27-37
Klimont Krzysztof The effect of herbicides on their active ingredient residues in soybean seeds. 39-43
Grzesik Helena Inheritance of some morphological traits and yield components in induced mutants of winter wheat variety Flevina. 45-52
Kapsa Józefa Incidence and harmfulness of potato late blight (Phytophthora infestans Mont. de Bary) on potato stems. 53-61
Śmiałowski Tadeusz, Węgrzyn Stanisław, Nita Zygmunt Combining ability of the parental forms of the naked-grain oats (Avena sativa var. nuda) based on evaluation of several traits. 63-72
Żurek Grzegorz Effect of summer drought in 1999 on turf grass species. 73-83
Czerednik Anna, Nalborczyk Emil Absorbtion of the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in canopy and yield formation by leafy and semi-leafless morphotypes of the pea plant (Pisum sativum L.). 85-93