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spis [26,6 kB] - 45(1), 2001

Author(s) Title Pages
Anjum Muhammad Akbar Selection of frost-tolerant cell lines from cell cultures of Solanum tuberosum L. 3-10
Bulińska-Radomska Z., Adamczyk J., Królikowski Z. Genetic characterization of maize inbred lines and their mutual affinities. 11-19
Czembor Henryk J., Czembor Jerzy H. Resistance to powdery mildew in barley cultivars and breeding lines included in 1998-2000 Polish registration trials. 21-41
Staszewski Zygmunt, Bodzon Zbigniew, Staszewski Lucjan Influence of some recessive genes on plant and inflorescence characteristics in alfalfa. 43-53
Górecka Krystyna, Lehmann Przemysław Infectious diseases of horseradish (Cochlearia armoracia L.) in Poland. 55-64
Podlaski Sławomir, Chrobak Zofia Effect of K, Na, Mg and Ca ions content in sugar beet seed pericarp and peg treatment on the resistance of the seedlings to Aphanomyces cochlioides Drech. 65-75
Laskowska Dorota, Berbeć Apoloniusz Response of cultivars and breeding lines of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) under natural field infection to blue mold (Peronospora tabacina Adam.). 75-82
Prażak Roman Cross direction for successful production of F1 hybrids between Triticum and Aegilops species. 83-86
Gołaszewski Janusz Spatial variability and efficiency of treatment mean comparisons in an experiment with fodder pea using modern statistical methods. 87-98