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SPIS TREŚCI [168,24 kB] - 2006 (53)

Author(s) Title Pages
Cüneyt Çırak, Ali Kemal Ayan, Kudret Kevseroğlu Physiological and physical seed dormancy of some hypericum species growing in Turkey. 3-8
Sharma R.K. , V.S. Thaker Turnover of cell wall components during sink development in seeds of three cotton genotypes 9-16
Rabadia V. S. , V. S. Thaker, Y.D. Singh Influence of flowering time and fruiting pattern on yield components of three cotton genotypes. 17-26
Rabadia Vraj, Thaker Vrinda, Singh YeshDev Peroxidase and IAA oxidase activities during sink development in cotton seed. 27-36
Kozak Marcin Two-dimensional partitioning of yield variation: a critical note. 37-42
Wiśniewska Iwona, Andrzej Rafalski Location of markers of aluminium tolerance genes on rye chromosomes (Secale cereale L.). 43-52
Wiewióra Barbara, Maria Prończuk Occurrence of ergot in seed lots of grasses harvested in different regions of Poland. 53-62
El Madidi Said, Brahim El Baroudi, Fouzia Ban-Aameur Genotypic variation for salt tolerance in Moroccan barley landraces at seed germination. 63-72
Domański Leszek, Ewa Zimnoch-Guzowska, Maria Domańska The use of estimates of heritability and genetic variances in selection for chip colour between potato populations. 73-78
Fu-Dostatny Denise Diversity of field weeds within Nadnidziański Landscape park, its conditions and protection. 79-96
Tonev Tony K. Risk of cultivation and effect of mineral fertilization on winter oilseed rape under the conditions of north-east Bulgaria. 97