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Plant Breeding and Seed Science

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spis [23,22 kB] - 45(supplement),2001

Author(s) Title Pages
Arseniuk Edward Preface "Quo vadis?" - "Where are you going" plant breeding? 5-6
Darvey N. L. Plant breeding and biotechnology - a personal view. 7-15
Wenzel Gerhard, Ursula Frei, Thomas Lübberstedt,Volker Mohler, Fritz Thümmler Plant breeding at the onset of the 3rd millennium. 17-31
Anioł Andrzej Genetic variation, development and availability of useful germplasm for plant breeding. 33-43
Ueng Peter P., Hwang Shaw-Yhi, Yang Man-Miao, Cui Kai-Rong, Hsu Hei-ti Improvement of resistance to plant pathogens and pests by DNA technology. 45-58
Gacek Edward S. Plant variety protection and its implementation in Poland. 59-63
Arseniuk Edward Plant breeding in Poland - transformations for the future. 65-67