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spis [24,98 kB] - 46(2),2002

Author(s) Title Pages
Drozdowska L., P. Szulc, A. Łukanowski, Cz. Sadowski Glucosinolate content and pathogenic fungi occurrence in seeds of spring oilseed rape fertilised with sulphur. 3-9
Janas Regina, Szafirowska Anna Mycobiota development during matriconditioning of onion seeds. 11-16
Pánková Iveta, Kokošková Blanka Evaluation of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for detection and determination of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. Sepedonicus. 17-24
Waga Jacek Inheritance of some w-gliadin protein subunits in spelt wheat and their linkage with the red glume coding Rg-1 locus. 25-35
Tyrka Mirosław, Stefanowska Grażyna, Tarkowski Czesław Identification of 1bl/1rs translocation in interspecific hybrids between Aegilops and Triticum. 37-43
MirAli Nizar Gliadins polymorphism and cluster analyses of Syrian grown durum wheat. 45-56
Chrzanowska M. , M. T. Sieczka, H. Zagórska Resistance to PVM in potato parental lines bred in Młochów Research Center, IHAR. 57-65
Chanda S.V., Singh Y.D. Source-sink relationships and grain weight at different positions within wheat spike. 67-73
Chanda S.V., Singh Y.D. Estimation of leaf area in wheat using linear measurements. 75-79
Fiedorow Zofia, Edyta Szlachetka-Wawrzyniak Transmission of Broad Bean Stain Virus (BBSV) by seeds of pea (Pisum sativum L.). 81-89