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spis [24,27 kB] - 46(1),2002

Author(s) Title Pages
Michalska Anna Maria, Maria Pazio A new method for evaluating tomato leaf resistance to Phytophthora infestans using a seedling test. 3-21
Gil Zygmunt Effect of physical and chemical properties of triticale grain on its milling value. 23-29
Marcinkowska Joanna Z. Methods of finding and identyfication of pathogens in seeds. 31-48
Marcinkowska Joanna Z. Foliar diseases of Pisum sativum L. in Poland. 49-54
Chanda S. V., Singh Y.D. Relationship between water content and grain weight in developing wheat grains. 55-60
Parmar N.G., Chanda S.V. Growth analysis using curve fitting method in early and late sown sunflower. 61-69
Rabadia V.S., Thaker V.S., Singh Y.D Physiological and biochemical changes associated with sink development in cotton seeds. I. Glycosidases and water content. 71-78
Domański Leszek, Ewa Zimnoch-Guzowska, Maria Domańska Identification of superior parents for potato breeding programmes of new cultivars for processing. 79-91