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spis [26,25 kB] - 47(1/2),2003

Author(s) Title Pages
Arseniuk Edward, Tadeusz Oleksiak Rye production and breeding in Poland. 7-16
Bujak Henryk Diallel analysis of agronomic traits in winter rye. 17-28
Hardzei Stanislau, Urban Ehroma Prospects and problems of hybrid rye breeding in Belarus. 29-31
Kolasińska Irena Male fertility restoration of rye crosses in the pampa cytoplasm. 33-37
Kolasińska Irena, Węgrzyn Stanisław Combining ability for selected characters in winter rye. 39-45
Melz Gi., Melz Gu., Hartmann F. Genetics of a male-sterile rye of 'G-type' with results of the first F1 –hybrids. 47-55
Śmiałowski Tadeusz, Węgrzyn Stanisław The influence of environments on the epistatic effects of genes controlling some traits in winter rye. 57-68
Torop A.A., V G.Dedyaev, V V Tschaykin, V V. Dokuchaev The results of rye breeding in the central-Chernosem region of Russia. 69-75
Tomerius A.-M., H. H. Geiger Influence of quantitative-genetic and economic parameters on the efficiency of CMS-line development in rye. 77-87
Wilde P., J. Menzel, B. Schmiedchen Estimation of general and specific combining ability variances and their implications on hybrid rye breeding. 89-98
Grochowski Lechosław Some properties of double cross hybrids of rye. 99-102