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spis [29,84 kB] - 48(2/2),2003

Author(s) Title Pages
Łapiński Mirosław, Stojałowski Stefan Occurrence and genetic identity of male sterility-inducing cytoplasm in rye (Secale spp.). 7-23
Łapiński Bogusław, Rafalski Andrzej Tetraploid triticale as a potential source of new variation for rye. 25-35
Podyma Wiesław Rye genetic resources in Europe. 37-44
Roux S. R., T. Miedaner, H. H. Geiger, E. Knopf, P. Wilde, H. Wortmann Combining ability vs. population performance of genetic resources in rye. 45-47
Rzepka-Plevneš Danuta, Smolik Miłosz Polymorphism of the storage proteins in rye cultivars and populations selected for tolerance to nutrient deficiency. 49-59
Warzecha Roman, Salak-Warzecha Krystyna A new source of male sterility in rye (Secale cereale L.). 61-65
Miedaner T., H. Wortmann, H.H.Geiger Genetics of deoxynivalenol (DON) contamination caused by Fusarium head blight in hybrid rye. 69-78
Prończuk Maria, Lucjan Madej, Irena Kolasińska Research for resistance to Microdochium nivale among inbred lines of rye. 79-86
Solodukhina O.V., Kobylyanskij V.D. Problems of winter rye breeding for resistance to leaf and stem rusts. 87-97
Wilde K., T.Miedaner, H.H. Geiger Epidemiological Effects of Combining Different Sources of Leaf-Rust Resistance in Winter Rye Synthetics. 99-103
Flamme W., Jansen G., Jürgens H.-U. Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) - spectroscopy, colour measurement and single kernel haracterization in rye breeding. 107-111
Gruszecka Daniela, Pietrusiak Alicja Characterization of translocation of rye strains with Dasypyrum villosum (Crimea, Ukraine). 113-121
Jansen G., Flamme W. Rheology - instrumentation and application to quality breeding of rye. 123-126
Kolasińska Irena, Boros Danuta, Madej Lucjan Qualitative characteristics of rye inbred lines. 127-131
Milczarski Paweł, Piotr Masojć Interval mapping of genes controlling growth of rye plants. 135-142
Hackauf B., P. Wehling Development of microsatellite markers in rye: map construction. 143-151
Borys Julia, Grzesiek Hanna, Waszak Joanna The examination of distinctness, uniformity and stability of rye varieties in Poland. 155-161
Kedrova L., J. Saveljev, T. Sheshegova, I. Shirokhih, E. Lisitsyn Selection of winter rye (Secale cereale L.) for aluminum and acid resistance. 163-168