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spis [33,85 kB] - 2005 (02)

Author(s) Title Pages
Lima-Brito J., Carvalho A., Matos C., Heslop-Harriso Pat, Guedes-Pinto H. rRNA gene expression and location in triticale assayed by silver staining and in situ hybridisation techniques. 3-10
Carvalho A., Guedes-Pinto H., Heslop-Harrison J.S., Lima-Brito J. Meiotic behaviour and chromosome identification in the Portuguese cultivar of triticale ‘Douro’ using in situ hybridisation. 11-20
Cui K.R., Krupinsky J.M., Dai Q., Arseniuk E., Ueng P.P. Cell wall-degrading enzymes and aggressiveness in Stagonopspora nodorum. 21-30
Michalska A. M., Pazio M. Inheritance of tomato leaf resistance to Phytophthora infestans - new information based on laboratory tests on seedlings. 31-42
Woś H., Strzembicka A. Resistance to leaf rust (Puccina recondita f.sp.tritici) at the seedling stage among single D-genome substitution lines of triticale presto. 43-47
Amjad M., Anjum M. A., Iqbal A. Impact of mother root size and umbel order on the yield and quality of seed produced and resulting roots in carrot. 49-56
Kruczkowska H., Pawłowska H., Skucińska B. Androgenic potential of polish barley cultivars in anther culture in vitro. 57-66
Góral T., Arseniuk E. Reaction of winter triticale somaclonal lines to Fusarium spp. at the seedling stage. 67-75
Schmidt J. Variation of European ecotypes of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) in Poland. 76-90
Rakowska M. In memoriam of Professor Tadeusz Wolski. 91-97